Integrated Child Development Service

  • Integrated Child Development Service Scheme – Under the scheme, the health and nutritional status of the children under 6 years of age, pregnant women, lactating women, adolescent girls by continuously monitoring and taking care those target groups.
  • Kishori Shakti Yojana Scheme – This programme was launched in the year 2001 and extended to in all districts in 2010. Under this programme, the nutrition and health status of adolescent girls(11-18 years old) are improved and they are imparted vocational skills to improve the oral personality development.
  • Modernisation of Anganwadis – To create smoke free atmosphere and to safeguard the inmates of anganwadis, the anganwadi centre was provided with gas connection and gas stove, construction of cooking platform, pressure cooker, etc.,
  • Distribution of Uniforms – Two sets of uniforms are given to children to motivate the parents to sent their children to Anganwadicentre.
  • The Honorable MLA of Ariyalur sanctioned an amount of Rs.8600/- per center for the Modernisation of Kitchen provided platform, Gas stove and Cooker for the Anganwadis.
  • The 4 Anganwadi centres are upgraded in ISO,in which 2 Anganwadi’s are in Ariyalur Block and 2 Anganwadi’s are in Thirumanur Block.
  • The flexi fund of Rs.1000/- has been given to each Anganwadi’s every year.
  • Every year de-worming campaign is being conducted.
  • Best Anganwadi worker award was given to 2 workers from Ariyalur and Andimadam block. Each worker received a certificate and an cheque worth of Rs.5000/- .
  • Samuthaya valaikappu was celebrated for the Antenatal mothers .During this celebration ,the Antenatal mothers have been provided with varieties of foods along with Bangles, Garland, Turmeric and Kumkum.
  • Provided lesson plan book for all the preschool children for the whole year.
  • All the preschool children learning activities are being monitored through assessment cards. A separate age group of cards are being maintained for 2-3years, 3-4 years and 4-5 years.
  • Activity books were provided to all the Anganwadi’s in order to improve the skill of activity.
  • Profile book containing the details of every children are being maintained in all Anganwadi’s.
  • The RBSK Doctors conducted special medical camp for the SUW (Severely under weight) children.
  • The Honourable Korada presented palm jaggery and ghee for the SUW children. The palm jaggery and ghee has been added in the supplementary food provided to the SUW children in Andimadam Block.

Six Varieties of mixed rice are being provided to all pre-school children

Monday    : Tomato Rice with boiled egg.
Tuesday   : Mixed Rice with boiled Bengal gram/Green gram.
Wednesday : Vegetable pulov with boiled egg.
Thursday  : Lemon rice with boiled egg.
Friday    : Dhal rice with boiled Potato
Saturday  : Mixed rice.

Dry ration of 80 grams of rice and 10 grams of Dhal are being provided for all children on Sundays.

Supplementary Food is being provided to all 6 months to 5 years children, Antenatal and Postnatal mothers.

Below is the ratio of supplementary food given per day.
Antenatal mother                           : 220 grams
Postnatal mother                           : 220 grams
6-24 months Normal children                : 150 grams
6-24months SUW children                    : 240 grams
2-3 years Normal children                  : 130 grams
2-3 years SUW children                     : 190 grams
3-5 years Normal children                  : 10 grams
(3-5 SUW – Severely Under Weight children) : 100 grms

Anganwadi Centres
Major Anganwadi Centres (Minimum population is 400 in urban and rural areas and maximum population is 800 in urban and rural areas, children with more than 25 numbers) Mini Anganwadi Centres (Minimum population is 150 in urban and rural areas and maximum population is 400 in urban and rural areas, children with 15 or less in numbers) Child Development Blocks
691 83 6
Benificiaries Under ICDS
S.NO Category Age Group Beneficiaries
 1. Young Children  7 M- 12 M  5099
2. Pregnant Women 4863
3. Lactating mothers 5406
4. Adolescent Girls 15 – 18 Y 22980
5. Young children 1-2 Y 10099
6. Young children 2-3 Y 10446
7. children 3-5 + 21338
Modernisation of Anganwadis
S.NO Items No. Provided Cost
(in Lakhs)
1. Gas connection 774 19.35
2. Gas stoves 774 7.74
3. Pressure Cookers 774 20.12
4. Cooking Platform 774 19.35