Tamil Nadu Adi Dravidar Housing and Development Corporation (TAHDCO) was incorporated as a construction company in 1974 under the companies Act, 1956. From the year 1980-81 the activities of the Corporation were extended to undertake a wide range of economic development schemes, income generation and skill development training for Adi Dravidars and Scheduled Tribes to bring them on par with other sections of society.

In this connection, the following schemes are implementing by the District Manager’s Office, TAHDCO, Ariyalur.

  1. Land Purchase and Development :
    Empowerment of Adi-Dravidar by augmenting their land holdings and its productivity.
  2. Entrepreneur Development Programme :
    Enabling the Adi-Dravidars to venture into the field of business by setting up Petrol, Diesel and Gas Retailers with 30% subsidy subject to Rs.2.25 lakhs.
  3. Entrepreneur Development Programme :
    Extending financial assistance to new unemployed entrepreneur 18-65 years for setting up business.
  4. Self Employment Programme for Youth :
    Extending financial assistance to educated unemployed 18-45 years old youths for setting up their business.
  5. Fast Track Power Supply :
    90% of subsidy is awarded to Adi-Dravidar farmers who are holding well / Borewell, for getting power supply under Takkal scheme from 2021-22.
  6. EA to SHG :
    Arranging credit for Adi-Dravida women SHG with reasonable interest rate for taking up income generating economic activities up to Rs.2.50 lakhs or 50% of the project cost.
  7. Skill Development Training :
    Training on Retail Management, Tally, Computer Hardware Assistant and Apparel, welder, Domestic Electrician, Sewing machine operator etc are given to target groups enabling and ensuring employment.

Income ceiling is below Rs.3.00 lakh Per Annum for all the above schemes.

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