Agriculture continues to be the most predominant sector of this district economy, as 70 percent of the population is engaged in Agriculture and allied activities for their livelihood. The district has as an area of 1933.38 with a gross cropped area of around 0.948 lakhs Ha. The department policy and objectives have been to ensure stability in agricultural production and to increase the agricultural production in a sustainable manner to meet the food requirement of growing population and also to meet the raw material needs of agro based industries, thereby providing employment opportunities to the rural population.

The Agriculture Department has taken up the challenge to achieve higher growth rate in agriculture by implementing several development schemes and propagating of relevant technologies to step up the production. Chief Minister Dryland Development Mission, Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana – Micro Irrigation, State Agriculture Development Scheme, Kalaignarin All Village Integrated Agriculture Development Programme, Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bhima Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi are the major schemes being implemented by this department.

The Ariyalur District has a Geographical area of 1,93,338 Hectares. Of which the net area cropped is 94,725 Hectares. Out of which about 36284 Ha are irrigated and about 58441 Ha are rainfed. The River Cauvery tributary irrigates about 10,389 Ha. in Thirumanur, T.Palur and Jayankondam Block. The normal annual rainfall is 954 mm. Multi various crops are grown in this District and Agriculture is the main occupation for most of the people in the District.


To function as an advisory to the farmers in their day to day agricultural activities, supply of quality seeds, monitoring and making available quality chemical fertilizers, bio fertilizers, bio pesticides besides making available the latest technologies from research institutions with a view to increase the food production and raw material production to cater to the growing needs of the food for the population and raw materials for the industries.


  1. To sustain the Agricultural cropping Area.
  2. To increase the Production and Productivity
  3. Double the production and triple the income of the farming community.

Department Formation

Separate District Joint Director of Agricultural office was established on 01.07.2012 onwards. as per the G.O.Ms.No.74 Agriculture Department.Dated:26.04.2012.

Topology & Agro Climatic Characteristics


The Average annual rainfall is 954 mm. This district receives rainfall in all season. But major rainfall received in North East Monsoon only.

Agro climatic zone

Tamilnadu divided into major seven major Agro climatic zone. Ariyalur district comes under Zone No : V viz., Cauvery Delta Zone (CDZ). Temperature ranges from Maximum of 38℃ and Minimum of 24℃.


Land of Limestone Ferruginous red loam occurs in Ariyalur district. The texture is usually loamy, the colour varying from red at the surface to yellow at the lower horizon. The soils are of medium depth with good drainage, free from accumulation of salt and calcium carbonate, pH ranging from 6.5 to 8.0 and contain low amounts of organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus but with generally adequate amounts of potash and lime.

Red loam soil is found to be prevalent in Sendurai, T.Palur, Andimadam, Jeyankondam blocks of Ariyalur District. Block soil is found in Thirumanur and Ariyalur blocks of the district.

Irrigation Sources

Canal, tank, tube well and open well are the main sources of irrigation in this district. Tube wells / bore wells contribute the major area of irrigation.

Canal Irrigation:

This district comes under Delta District status. 41 Revenue Villages of the blocks come under Delta Area. Three canal system irrigates Paddy and sugarcane crops in Thirumanur, T.Palur and Jayankondam Blocks of the district.

Pullambadi Canal:

Origin of this canal is Mukkombu. This canal length is 36 Km and it connects 5 system tanks. Normally this canal opens is August first date, when the Mettur Dam reaches 90 Feet Water Level. This canal irrigates 6000 ha of land in Thirumanur Block.


Origin of this canal is Nathamangudi village of Lalgudi block. This canal length is 14 Km and It’s drainage canal receive water from drains of Peruvalai and Pullambadi canal. This canal irrigates 2000 ha of land in Thirumanur Block.


Origin of this canal is Kuruvadi Village of Coleroon river of Thirumanur . This canal length is 36 Km and it connects 5 system tanks. This canal irrigates 1877 ha of land in T.Palur Block.


Origin of this canal is Lower Anaicut Village of Coleroon river of T.Palur . This canal length is 36 Km. This canal irrigates 463 ha of land in Jeyankondam Block.

Major Agricultural Crops.

Paddy, Maize, Cotton, Ground nut and sugarcane crops are cultivated in this district. Total normal area is 76400 ha.

District Level Organization Setup

District Level Organization Setup

Joint Director of Agriculture is the overall monitoring, supervising and executing authority of all schemes operated under Agriculture department. He is also liaison officer of Allied Department of Agriculture.

Block Level Organization Setup

Block Level Organization Setup

In Ariyalur district, six Agricultural Extension Centre (AEC) are located at block level. Each AEC is headed by Assistant Director of Agriculture. All the schemes are implemented from block level. In Block Level, Agricultural officer and Deputy Agricultural officer is working under Assistant Director of Agriculture. Each officer equally shares the scheme works. The Agricultural officer monitors the three Assistant Agricultural officers and The Deputy Agricultural officer monitors two Assistant Agricultural officers. The Assistant Seed Officer raises the seed farm for the seed requirement of Block in Paddy, Pulses and oilseed crops. Depot manager sells the seed and other inputs to the farmers.

Major Schemes being Implemented by Agriculture Department

  1. Chief Minister Dryland Development Mission (CMDDM)

    It is implemented to alleviate the suffering of people who depends on rain. The scheme is implemented on cluster basis where a cluster of 100 Ha rainfed land will be identified wherein biofertilizer, good quality seeds, organic inputs and gypsum will be distributed at subsidized rate. Financial assistance will be provided for Custom Hiring Center and Value Addition Machinery Centers in the selected cluster

  2. Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana – Micro irrigation (PMKSY-MI)

    It focuses on enhancing water use efficiency at farm level through use of MI systems. MI system will be installed by MI firm of farmer’s choice at 100% subsidy for Small and Marginal Farmers and 75% subsidy for Other farmers. Farmer either can themselves apply through MIMIS Portal or may contact block Agriculture or Horticulture Office.

  3. State Agriculture Development Scheme (SADS)

    It focuses on improving farmers livelihood by enhancing their income. The scheme will be implemented in KAVIADP villages. Establishment of Organic Input Production Units, Distribution of Tarpaulin, Pulses Bund Crop in Paddy, Distribution of Zinc Sulphate and Gypsum for Paddy, Distribution of Farm Implements Kit, Distribution of Tree saplings through TNMSGCF and MakingYouth into Agri-Entrepreneur are the components which will be implemented in this district.

  4. Kalaignarin All Village Integrated Agriculture Development Programme (KAVIADP)

    The Scheme is implemented in five phases and in each phase 1/5th of the panchayat will be chosen. The majority of schemes of multi Departments viz., Agriculture, Horticulture,Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Marketing and Agri Business Management, Revenue and Disaster Management, Cooperatives, Food and Consumer Welfare, Dairy Development, Animal Husbandry,  Fisheries, Rural Development and Panchayat Raj, Water Resource and Energy will be dovetailed to these panchayat which will result in  comprehensive development at the end of each phases.

    Bringing Fallow Land into Cultivation, Establishment of Water Resources, Distribution of Solar Pumpset, Value Addition of Farm Produce, Micro Irrigation, Enhancing Dairy Production, Credit Facility by Farm Loan through Coopertive Bank, Desilting of Irrigation Canal are the components which will be implemented in integrated basis.

  5. Prathan Mantri Fasal Bhima Yojana (PMFBY)

    It was launched with an aim to support production in agriculture by providing affordable crop insurance product to ensure comprehensive risk cover for crops against all non-preventable natural risks from pre-sowing to post-harvest stage. It will provide financial support to farmers suffering crop loss/damage arising out of unforeseen events. In our District major Agricultural crops like Paddy, Maize, Cotton, Blackgram and Groundnut are covered under this scheme.

  6. Prathan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM KISAN)

    It is implemented to provide income support to all landholding farmers’ families in the country, having cultivable land. The scheme is being implemented from 1.12.2018 onwards and under the scheme an income support of 6,000/- per year in three equal installments will be provided to all land holding farmer families. State Government and UT administration will identify the farm families which are eligible for the support as per scheme guidelines.The fund will be directly transferred to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries through DBT mode.

  7. Soil Health Management (SHM)

    “Soil Health Management (SHM) is one of the most important interventions under National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA). Soil Health Management aims at promoting Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) through judicious use of chemical fertilizers including secondary and micro nutrients in conjunction with organic manures and bio-fertilizers for improving soil health and its productivity. Strengthening of soil and fertilizer testing facilities to provide soil test based recommendations to farmers for improving soil fertility.

Offcials to be contacted:

Block Level contacts:
S.No Block Office Contact Number email Address
1 Assistant Director of Agriculture, O/o Assistant Director of Agriculture, Jayankondam Road, Walajanagaram, Ariyalur.-621704 9443180884 adaariyalur[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Assistant Director of Agriculture, O/o Assistant Director of Agriculture, Integrated Agriculture Extension Centre, Keelapalur, Thirumanur Block, Ariyalur-Dt. 8072890022 adatmrnew[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Assistant Director of Agriculture, O/o Assistant Director of Agriculture, Panchayat union office complex, Sendurai, Ariyalur-Dt. 9884632588 adasendnew[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Assistant Director of Agriculture, O/o Assistant Director of Agriculture, Integrated Agriculture Extension Centre, T.Valavettikuppam, Jayankondam Block, Ariyalur-Dt. 9750890874 adajkmblock[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Assistant Director of Agriculture, O/o Assistant Director of Agriculture, Integrated Agriculture Extension Centre, Vilandhai(S), Andimadam Block, Ariyalur-Dt 9486164271 adaandimadam[at]gmail[dot]com
6 Assistant Director of Agriculture, O/o Assistant Director of Agriculture, Panchayat union office complex, T.Palur Block, Ariyalur-Dt. 8248928648 adatpl[at]gmail[dot]com

Contacts Detail:

Joint Director of Agriculture,
O/o Joint director of agriculture,
232, II Floor, Ariyalur Collectorate Complex.
Jayankondam Road,

Phone : 04329-228056
Email : jdaariyalur[at]gmail[dot]com