District Collectorate

The Collectorate plays a pivotal role in the District administration. Collector in the Cadre of I.A.S heads the District. He / She acts as the District Magistrate for maintaining Law and Order in his / her jurisdiction. He / She deals mainly with planning and development, law and order, general elections, arms licensing etc.

The Additional Collector/ District Revenue Officer run the Revenue administration under various enactments in the District. He / She is also designated as Additional District Magistrate. He / She mainly deals with civil supplies, land matters, mines and minerals, village officers etc.

The District Revenue Officer (DRO) and Deputy Collectors assists the Collector in discharging their duties. The District Revenue Officer looks after all the branches of the Collectorate. He / She deals mainly with general administration and is vested with supervision of day-to-day functions of the Collectorate.

The Project Director, District Rural Development Agency in the cadres of IAS / JD , Personal Assistant Panchayat Development in the cadre of Deputy Collector, Municipal commissioners & Executive Officers of Town Panchayats are assisting the collector in panchayat development and urban local body related works.

District Collector

Tmt. J. Anne Mary Swarna I.A.S.,
District Collector



Sl.No. Name Period : From To
1.Rakesh KumarYadav Thiru. Rakesh Kumar Yadav I.A.S. 01.01.2001 to 19.04.2002
District merged with Perambalur and formed again on 19.11.2007.
2. Thiru. V.M. Xavier Chrisso Nayagam I.A.S. Thiru. V.M. Xavier Chrisso Nayagam I.A.S. 23.11.2007 to 05.03.2008
3. Thiru. R. Sudalai Kannan I.A.S. Thiru. R. Sudalai Kannan I.A.S. 09.03.2008 to 23.02.2009
4. Thiru. Anil Mesharam I.A.S. Thiru. Anil Mesharam I.A.S. 24.02.2009 to 18.08.2009
5. T.Abiraham IAS Thiru. T. Abraham I.A.S. 24.08.2009 to 29.09.2010

T.K.Ponnusamy IAS

Thiru. T.K. Ponnusamy I.A.S. 30.09.2010 to 03.06.2011
7. Tmt. Anu George I.A.S. Tmt. Anu George I.A.S. 08.06.2011 to 10.09.2012
8. Thiru. P. Senthilkumar I.A.S. Thiru. P. Senthilkumar I.A.S. 12.09.2012 to 09.03.2013
9.Thiru. M. Ravikumar I.A.S. Thiru. M. Ravikumar I.A.S. 11.03.2013 to 07.08.2013
10.Thiru. E. Saravanavelraj I.A.S. Thiru. E. Saravanavelraj I.A.S. 08.08.2013 to 05.05.2017
11. Tmt.G Laxmi Priya, I.A.S., Tmt.G Laxmi Priya, I.A.S., 12.07.2017 to 21.02.2018
12. Image of District Collector Tmt.M.Vijayalakshmi, I.A.S.,
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26.02.2018 to 30.06.2019
13.T.G.Vinay IAS Dr. T.G.Vinay, IAS.,
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01.07.2019 to 12.10.2019
14. Tmt. D.Rathna, I.A.S. Tmt. D.Rathna IAS
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13.10.2019 to 15.06.2021
15. Tmt. P.Ramana Saraswathi, I.A.S., Tmt. P. Ramana Saraswathi, I.A.S.,
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16.06.2021 – 21.05.2023
16. Tmt. J. Anne Mary Swarna I.A.S., Tmt. J. Anne Mary Swarna I.A.S.,
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Assumed Office on 22.05.2023


  1. Section A :: Deals with Establishment, Office Procedures, Jamabandhi, Tapal and Despatches.
  2. Section B :: Land – Patta Transfer, Land Transfer, Land Lease and Encrochments.
  3. Section C :: Deals with Law & Order, Magisterial (Court/Legal) matters.
  4. Section D :: Land Acquisition, Railway lands, Elections and Record Keeping.
  5. Section E :: Examinations, District Gazette,Buildings, Audit, RTI, Land Revenue, House Building Advance.
  6. Section F :: Budget, Reconciliation, Salary,Pay Fixation, Grievances Redressal Cell, Mass Contact, CMCELL, RR Act, VVIP.
  7. Section G :: Social Security Scheme,CMUPT and CM Relief Fund.
  8. Section H :: Land Reforms and Natural Calamities.
  9. Section P :: BC Welfare.
  10. Section S :: Public Distribution System and Civil Supplies.
  11. Section W:: AdiDiravidar and Tribal Welfare.
  12. Survey:: Survey Matters.

Rural Development

  1. PO(DRDA) : Rural Development and Panchayat Raj
  2. PA(NM) : School Noon Meals Related Activites
  3. AD(audit) : Audit and High Level committe
  4. AD(P) : Panchayats Related Activities