Amma Two Wheeler Scheme

Date : 01/01/2020 -

About the Scheme :

The Scheme to empower working women by enabling them to purchase women friendly two wheelers to ease their commute to their enterprises, Places of employment, engagements with banks and community based institutions. Easy usage is a key consideration and therefore the vehicle is gearless /auto geared. The differently abled may avail retro-fitted three wheelers scooters. A maximum subsidy of 50% at the cost of two wheeler or Rs.25,000/- whichever is less will be provided. For differently abled the subsidy amount Rs.31,200/- for retro-filled three wheelers.

Priority given to beneficiaries from remote places, hilly regions, women headed households, deserted women, destitute widow, differently abled women, unmarried women aged above 35 years, scheduled caste/tribes and transgenders.

Eligible Beneficiaries under the Scheme:

Women who are engaged individually or collectively as a group for a livelihood activity / wage employment and are commuting for a long distance and their earnings being the primary source of income for the family are the intended beneficiaries. This will also include (among others)the following categories. Women registered as workers in the Organized and Un-Organized sectors. Women employed in Shops and Establishments..Self-employed women involved in petty trades or otherwise. .Women working in Government Aided Organizations/ Private Institutions/ Government Projects / Community Based Organizations–Panchayats Level Federations (PLF) Village Poverty Reduction Committees (VPRCs), Mavatta Makkal Kattral Maiyam (Makamai), who are either on consolidated salary or daily wages or on contract employment. Banking correspondents/ Banking Facilitators and ASHA workers.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The beneficiary should be a native of and residing in Tamil Nadu, should be in the age group of 18 to 40 years and should know driving and possess a valid Two Wheeler / Learner License Registration (LLR) at the time of applying.
  • The annual income of the beneficiary should not exceed Rs.2,50,000/-(Rupees Two lakhs fifty thousand only) and only one woman beneficiary is eligible to avail the 3 benefit in a family, who is willing to contribute the balance money for the purchase of the vehicle.
  • Should have appeared for the class 8th examination (Passed/Failed)
  • Priority will be given to the working women residing in remote places, hilly regions, women headed households, deserted women, destitute widows, differently abled women , Unmarried women aged above 35 years, Scheduled Caste/Tribes and Transgender.
  • Saving clause: if the applicant has applied with a Learner License Registration (LLR) she should get a valid Two Wheeler Driving License before submitting the subsidy claim form. She should also attach a copy of the two Wheeler Driving License to the subsidy claim form, at the time of applying. Further, she should produce the original Driving License for official verification, as and when needed.





How To Apply

Applications will be made available at all Block Offices, Urban Local Body offices, and the Collectorates free of cost to the applicant. No application fee should be collected from the applicant.
All the received applications should be in the prescribed format (Annexure C1)