Milk and Dairy Development

Dairy sector is important not only as the producer of highly nutritious food products, but also for the sustenance of poor farmers and over all prosperity of the farming community.
It is a matter of great pride that a nation which was deficit in milk has now become the leading milk producer in the world. Tamil Nadu ranks eighth in milk production and is well on the way towards achieving the Second White Revolution as envisioned by the Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The Office of the Deputy Registrar(Dairying) is functioning under the Commissioner for Milk Production and Dairy Development Department, Chennai.

  1. Name & Address of the Department:

    Milk and Dairy Development Department:
    Deputy Registrar(Dairying)
    2nd Floor, Government Multi department Complex,
    Jayankondam Road,
    Ariyalur – 621 704.
    Phone no: 04329 299116
    Mail id: drdariyalur[at]gmail[dot]com

  2. Head of the Department with Contact Numbers:

    Commissioner for Milk Production and Dairy Development Department,
    Madhavaram Milk Colony,
    Chennai – 600 051
    Phone no: 04425555195
    Fax : 04425552922
    Mail id: dddgov[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. Objective:

    1. Ensuring that remunerative price is paid to the Milk Producers for the Milk supplied by them.
    2. Ensuring the availability of processed liquid Milk to consumer at reasonable price.
    3. Ensuring that credibility of the Dairy Co-operative structure through transparency in administration.
    4. Ensuring the Quality of Milk and Milk products as per statutory specifications imposed by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.
    5. Bringing the unorganized Dairy Sector in to the organized sector.
    6. Ensuring that various input such as Cattle Feed, Fodder and Veterinary Health services are provided to Milch Animals of the Milk Producers.
  4. Activities:

    1. Registering new Co-operative Societies.
    2. Reviving Dormant Societies.
    3. Inspecting Dairy Co-operative Societies.
    4. Settlement of disputes.
    5. Conducting Elections to Elect the Board Of Directors for the Management of all the three tier Co-operatives.
    6. Issuing appropriate instructions in the interest of public.
  5. Strategies:

    The following strategies have been adopted to achieve the objectives of the Dairy sector:

    1. Milk procurement price is revised periodically by Government which ensures remunerative price is paid to the milk producers.
    2. Milk selling price is also revised periodically by Government, so that milk is available at reasonable price to the consumers. The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has ordered to reduce the selling price of Aavin milk by Rs.3/- per litre w.e.f. 16.05.2021.
    3. Elections to the Dairy Co-operatives are conducted periodically.
    4. Quality tests to detect adulterants in milk are being carried out at various stages of procurement and processing as per statutory standards of FSSAI.
    5. Bringing a large number of milk producers under the Co-operative system by setting up a large number of Primary Milk Co-operative Societies covering all the villages.
    6. Providing skill development training in dairying to the employees and milk producers of Dairy Co-operative Societies.
    7. Establishment of an Integrated Dairy Management System (IDMS) in all Dairy Co-operatives.
    8. Increasing milk sales, online milk sale and ensuring consumer confidence by resolving consumer grievances received through 24-hour Customer Care and Support Cell.

Deputy Registrar(Dairying)