Fisheries & Fishermen Welfare

Schemes in Inland Fisheries- 2021-22

A.   PMMSY-Schemes

S. No Name of the Schemes Unit cost/Ha/Unit Back ended Subsidy
GC (40%) SC/ST & Women (60%)
1 Construction of New Grow out Fish Ponds 7.00 Lakh/Ha 2.80 lakh 4.20 Lakh
2 Input Cost for Fresh water Fish Culture 4.00 Lakh/Ha 1.60 lakh 2.40 Lakh
3 Construction of New Fish Seed rearing Ponds 7.00 Lakh/Ha 2.80 lakh
4 Construction of Bio Floc tanks for Fresh water areas (Small Unit) 7.50 Lakh/Unit 3.00 lakh 4.50 Lakh
5 Establishment of Backyard Ornamental Rearing Unit 3.00 Lakh/30 Sq.m 1.20 lakh 1.80 lakh
6 Two Wheeler with Ice Box 0.75 Lakh/Unit 0.30 lakh 0.45 lakh

B.   TN State Fund Scheme-2022-23

S. No Name of the Schemes Unit cost/ Unit Back ended Subsidy
1 Input Assistance to the Farmers for Promotion of Fish culture in Multipurpose Farm Ponds 0.36 Lakh/1000 Sq.m 50% subsidy



Sl.No Details of Relief Assistance Relief /Assistance per beneficiary
1 Accident Relief
a)   Death due to Accident 2,00,000
b)   Loss of both hands 1,00,000
c)   Loss of both legs 1,00,000
d)   Loss of one hand and one leg 1,00,000
e)   Loss of sight in both eyes 1,00,000
g)   Loss of limbs due  to Major injuries other than the above items 50,000
2 Death during fishing or after fishing due to reasons other than Accidental death 2,00,000
3 Fishermen Missing during fishing 2,00,000
4 Natural Death 15000
5 Funeral Expenses 2500
6 Assistance for Education to son and daughter of the Members (From 10 th to PG students) Rs-1250 to 6750
7 Marriage Assistance Male Female
a)      Marriage Assistance to son  / daughter of  a Member 3000 5000
8 a) Delivery @ Rs.1,000/- per month for 6 months 6000
b) Miscarriage 3000
c) Termination of Pregnancy 3000

To Enroll the TNFWB Member and more information about Fisheries and Fishermen Welfare Department may be contacted to the Assistant Director of Fisheries and Fishermen Welfare Department, Ariyalur District in the following address,

Office Address Details:

Assistant Director of Fisheries & Fishermen Welfare Dept
Room No:234,
Second Floor,
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