Ex-Servicemen’s Welfare

Name & Address of the Department

The District Ex-Servicemen’s Welfare Office also known as District Soldiers’ Sailors’ and Airmen’s (DSS&A) Board is functioning at Room No.17-18, Multi dept Campus. The District Collector is the President of the DSS&A Board and the Assistant Director Ex-Servicemen’s Welfare functions as the Secretary of the board. Besides, a senior retired Commissioned Officer is nominated as Vice President of the Board.

The office telephone number is 04329-221011 and the e-mail ID is

Head of the  Department with contact Numbers
The  Additional  Director,
Directorate of Ex-servicemen’s Welfare,
22, Raja Muthaiah Salai,
Chennai 600 003.
Tel.No :044-26691342

The office is entrusted with the responsibility to create awareness amongst Ex-Servicemen and their dependents regarding Re-Settlement / Self-Employment / Facilities / Benefits / Schemes available and furthermore provide assistance towards availing the same.

The District office functions as Special Employment Cell for retired personnel of the Armed Forces. Ex-Servicemen are sponsored to various agencies against employment vacancies reserved exclusively for them.

Resettlement and Rehabilitation of War Widows / War disabled
Ex-Servicemen and their families is being undertaken under the aegis of Directorate of Ex-Servicemen’s Welfare, No.22 Rajah Muthiah Salai, Chennai-03

Digitalisation of Ex-Servicemen / Widows data and their dependents, a major project is underway. Facility exists for online updation of details by logging on to

The Ex-Servicemen and their Widows population of the Ariyalur district is as follows:-

S.No Details  Data’s
01 Ex-Servicemen 1055
02 Widows 284
03 War widows 02
04 War disabled 01

Administrative Structure

Organisation Setup

List of on-going Projects (on 26.08.2022)
Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated on December 7, every year in India.

The main purpose of observing flag day collection is mainly rehabilitation of battle casualties, the welfare of serving personnel and their families, resettlement and welfare of  ex-servicemen and their families.

2021  Flag-day  target  fixed district collector  Rs.50,30,000/- in Ariyalur District.