Water Supply Coverage Status

Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board, RWS division Ariyalur take care of the drinking water supply need of the people in Ariyalur district except Part of Ariyalur Municipality which is taken care by the Ariyalur Municipality and Jayankondam Municipality, 2 Nos of Town Panchayats and 1573 Rural Habitations which were taken care by the concerned local bodies.

Rural Habitations

Rural habitations are provided either with Individual Piped water supply schemes mostly based on the ground water or with Combined Water Supply Schemes with river sources.
Individual Piped water supply schemes after execution are handed over to the concerned Village Panchayats for maintenance. Combined Water Supply Schemes covering more than one local body are maintained by TWAD Board Ariyalur District.

Combined Water Supply schemes

At present, Ariyalur District 7 Nos. Combined Water Supply schemes with source as the Coleroon river are also implemented to provide water supply to both rural and urban local bodies to overcome the shortage in the local ground water sources as well as to overcome quality problems in local water sources.

The infrastructures up to the OHT constructed in the local bodies are maintained by TWAD Board and the OHT and distribution of water supply to the people are done by the concerned local bodies.
Total No. of CWSS – 7 Nos
Designed quantity – 30.49 MLD
Average Supplied Quantity – 22.30 MLD

The RWS Division, Ariyalur is maintaining 7 CWSSs for Two municipalities, Two Town Panchayats and 1573 rural habitations as listed below,

  1. CWSS to Jayankondam & Udayarpalayam and 5 other habitations (old Scheme).
  2. CWSIS to Jayankondam & Udayarpalayam (New Scheme).
  3. CWSS to 645 Habitations in Ariyalur & Perambalur Dist.
  4. CWSS to T.Palur and 212 habitations in T.Palur union of Ariyalur District.
  5. CWSS to 227 habitations in Andimadam union,13 way side habitations in Jayankondam
    union and 10 rural habitations in Thirumanur union of Ariyalur District.
  6. CWSS to Nathiyanur and 20 other habitations in Thirumanur and Ariyalur unions of
    Ariyalur District.
  7. CWSS to 29 Habitations in Thirumanur union in Ariyalur District.

Implementation of Scheme.

CWSS to 281 habitations in Jayankondam union of Ariyalur District.

CWSS to 281 habitations in Jayankondam union in Ariyalur District was administratively approved for Rs. 2606 lakhs vide G.O.Ms.No. 187 / dt. 25.09.2008 and technically sanctioned for Rs. 2616 lakhs vide CE / ER / TNJ No. 37 / 2008- 09.

Pending administrative sanction and based on the resolution of 454th TWAD Board meeting held on 06.06.2013 for the grant to commission of the said project, Technical sanction was accorded for Rs. 12.64 crores vide CE /TNJ/No.19/2013 – 14 / dt.20.11.2013 and grant received from Government Rs.6.52 crores only. The work of Replacement of HDPE pipe for pumping main by new HDPE pipes was awarded to M/s Trichy Construction Company, Trichy vide Chief Engineer, Thanjavur Agreement No. CE / TNJ / 09 / 2014 – 15 /dt 24.12.2014 and Laying of pipe lines have been completed for a length of 57.6721Km. Technical sanction accorded for Rs.12.64 crore with Government grant Rs. 6.62 crore plus balance amount Rs.6.02 crore. in the previous sanction. Expenditure as on date Rs.13.06 Crore. Proposal for additional fund requirement of Rs.3.73 Crore is submitted for attending pumpsets repair and replacement of damaged pipe lines. The entire scheme will be commissioned on shortly and used to provide the water supply for 119932 beneficiaries in Jayankondam union.

UGSS to Ariyalur Municipality

UGSS to Ariyalur Municipality was awarded to M/s. A.P.R. Projects Pvt.Ltd., Hyderabad for a total value of Rs.22,42,59,274/- and Completed to above work and put beneficial from 20.10.2017, hence Trail run is operating.