Chief Educational Office

GENERAL INFORMATION – (Academic Year 2022-2023)

Ariyalur District Education Department aims at enhancing the Holistic development of the personality of the school children and is headed by a Chief Educational Officer under whom works 3 District Educational Officer, 12 Block Educational Officer, 3 District Inspectors, 1 DIPE (Physical Education), an ECO Co-Ordinator.

  • There are 378 Elementary Schools, 111 Middle Schools 62 High Schools 53 Higher Secondary Schools 06 Government Aided High School 09 Aided Higher Secondary Schools 15 Self Finance Schools 25 Matric Schools 12 CBSE Schools and 63 Nursery primary Schools in the Ariyalur District.
  • There are 62 Government High School Headmasters, 53 Government Higher Secondary Headmasters, 398 P.G. Teachers, 03 Physical Directors Grade 1, 45 Computer Instructors, 968 BT Teachers, 15 Vocational Teachers, 127 Special Teachers in Secondary Schools. There are 489 Head Masters working in Middle Schools and 1697 Teachers in Elementary Schools.
  • There are 30260 Students studying in 1 to 5 std, 6496 Students studying in Middle Schools, 42013 Students Studying in High and Higher Secondary Schools (6th to 12th std).
  • 11086 students are studying in nursery and primary schools (LKG to 5th std) of which 974 Students enrolled under 25%  RTE Act.


Sl.No Schemes
1 4 sets of Free Uniform for the children studying from class 1 to 8
2 Free Text Books For all the children studying from class 1 to 12
3 Free Notebooks for the Children studying From the class of 1 to 10
4 Free Atlas for the children studying from the class of 6 to 10
5 Free Geometry box for the children studying from the class of 6 to 9
6 Free colour Pencils for the children studying from the class of 3 to 5
7 Free Crayons for the children studying in the class 1 and 2
8 Free School Bags for the children studying from the class of 1 to 12
9 Free Foot wear for the children studying from the class of 1 to 10
10 Free Laptop for the +2 Children
11 Free Bicycles for the +1 Children
12 To avoid Drop outs –   Special Cash Incentive for the children studying in 9,10,11 and 12 to encourage the children to pursue their studies.
13 Free Bus Pass for all the children studying from the class 1 to 12
14 Free Nutritious meal with egg for all the Children studying from the class of 1 to 10
15 Financial Aid (Rs.50,000/75,000) for the children of the class 1 to 12 who lost their bread winning Parent
16 Chess Coaching for the children studying from the class of 2 to 12
17 7.5 Reservation in Professional Course admission is given to the children those who pursued their School education in govt schools. If they availed the seat from Self finance college, govt will bear their complete expenditure related to their studies
18 Hi-Tech Lab facilities are provided to all the govt High and Higher Secondary Schools
19 To learn Novel Technologies including robotics, Atal Tinkering Lab is provided in govt schools
20 Opportunities will be provided to the children Who go for State, National and international level Individual and Team Sport events
21 Folic Acid Tablets are Given to the School children to ensure Iron supplement
22 Yearly Twice medical inspection is done  for all the govt school children
23 From ‘kannoli kappom’ scheme Eye tests are conducted to all the govt school children. And the needy children  are given with costless spectacles
24 Free sanitary pads are given to the needy girl children
25 Guidance and counselling sessions are arranged for the govt school children for giving proper advice to guide them in choosing their higher studies.
26 For the use of children each class is given with a set of library books under ‘Puthaga poonkothu’ scheme
  • In Elementary Education 1st to 3rd  standard ENNUM EZHUTHUM, 4 and 5th  Standard SIMPLIFIED ACTIVITY BASED LEARNING (SABL) Methodology, Whereas 6th  to 8th  ACTIVITY LEARNING METHODOLOGY (ALM) method is adopted to improve the quality of Education.
  • ILLAM THEDI KALVI (ITK) (1 TO 8) is a special scheme initiated by Hon’ble Chief Minister to ensure the children’s continuous education during the Lockdown and still it functions successfully.
  • “Nan Mudhalvan Scheme” is a special scheme adding a another feather to the Education Department in which students of 11th and 12th will be given career guidance. For Higher Studies 1000 Students and 200 Teachers attended the “Nan Mudhalvan” Opening Function held at Anna University.


  • SC/ST Girls students Incentive is given from 3rd to 8th
  • MBC Girls Student Incentive is given from 3rd to 8t Standard.
  • Minority Scholarship is given to the Minority Students.
  • Scholarship is given to the children who are Differently abled.
  • Scholarship is given to the children with uncleaned occupation.


  • 40 Girl students in the age group of 10 to 14 study in Kasthuriba Gandhi Baalika Vidyalaya Residential School functioning at Karuppur Senapathy, Ariyalur Block every year.
  • As a special scheme a Residential Special Model School is functioning at DIET, Keelapalur. As a part of this 40 highly performing students from 10th std and 12th std will be selected from various schools and given special attention. To ensure them avail the 7.5% Reservation in the Professional studies.
  • There is an Online Radio functioning successfully in our district managed by Ariyalur Education Department and also under the guidance of our District Collector. Students presentations will be broadcasted every working day from 01.00 to 01.30 pm.
  • In the National Achievement Survey 2021 (NAS) at 3rd std level Ariyalur District stood 2nd at State Level.
  • Commemorating the 44th Chess Olympiad, chess competitions were conducted at various levels and the district level winners were honoured by making them attending the chess Olympiad inaugural function held at Mahabalipuram.
  • Awareness Programs on AIDS, Drugs, Health and Hygiene etc.
  • Incinerators in all High and Higher Secondary schools for Girl children.

Toilets for Boys and Girls available in all schools with water facility. In all schools Borewell and Public tap water connection are used for drinking purpose. In all Government schools infrastructure conditions is good.