Geology & Mining

Ariyalur District is the evidence of past geological activity for the several million years. Ariyalur formations are due to the transgression and regression of the sea which is indicated by fossil ferrous Limestone, Sandstone, Clay & Marl. The marine successions are mainly confirmed by Sillakudi, Kallankurichi, Ottakovil, Kallamedu & Ninniyur formations.

The minerals such as Limestone, Lime kankar & marl available in this district are the important raw material for manufacturing of cement in seven cement plants functioning in Ariyalur District. Fireclay is used for the manufacture of Floor tiles, stoneware pipes, firebricks and in the chemical Industry. The occurrence of Lignite, Oil and gas deposits are reported at Udaiyarpalayam & Andimadam Taluk.

Apart from the above major minerals, the common use minor minerals such as ordinary gravel, Brick earth and Laterite are also available in this district. There are 73 major mineral mining leases granted for mining limestone. Six quarry leases for Lime kankar, Ten quarry leases for fireclay and Nine quarry leases for gravel are granted for quarrying Lime kankar, fireclay and gravel respectively.

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