Ariyalur Forest Division was formed as per G.O.No.168 Environment & Forests (FR Spl.B) Department dated 29.11.2011 with effect from 27.04.2012 by redeploying the Staff of Ayyalur Interface Forestry Division at Dindigul. The Geographical Jurisdiction of Ariyalur Forest Division extends Ariyalur Revenue District This Division is functioning under the control of Chief Conservator of Forests, Trichy Circle with the following Ranges.

  1. Ariyalur Territorial Range
  2. Ariyalur Social Forestry Range
  3. Ariyalur TAP Range
Details about TAP villages:

The following TAP villages are being maintained in this Division.

SL. No Name of TAP village Name of Range
1 1998 Vangaram Ariyalur Social Forestry Range
2 2008 Kallamedu Ariyalur Range
3 2008 Narasingapuram Ariyalur Range
4 2008 Velvimangalam Ariyalur Range
Details about Reserved Forests:

There are 55 Reserved Forests in this division. Out of 55 Reserved Forests, only 5 Reserved Forests are under the control of Ariyalur Territorial Range and categorized into two beats as detailed below.

Range Beat Name of RF Total Area in Ha. Remarks
Ariyalur Kuruvadi Kuruvadi Bit I to IV 49.99
Sathambadi Bit I to XI 121.00
Thathanur Kulumur 80.94
Kulumur Extn. 113.13
Vangaram 413.00

The remaining 50 Reserved Forests comprising an area of 8355.51 Hectares are leased to Tamil Nadu Forest Plantation Corporation Limited (TAFCORN) and attached with Pudukottai and Virudhachalam Regions.

Ariyalur Range is the only territorial Range in this Division having jurisdiction over the entire Ariyalur Revenue District.

Karaivetti Birds Sanctuary

Vettakudi irrigation tank is maintained by Water Resources Organization of PWD, which supplements water for agricultural use in its command area. This receives water from Mettur Dam through Pullambadi Canal from September onwards. This tank was declared as a Bird Sanctuary in 1999 for the conservation of avian fauna, that inhabit the water body (both native and migratory water birds from different parts of the globe). The best time to visit this sanctuary for bird watching is November-December during which bird population is greater.


It is situated at a distance of 20 kms from Ariyalur, between 79o 2’ 6.56” E and 79o 3’ 26.2” E longitude and 10o 58’ 12.19” N and 10o 58’ 50” N latitude, encompassing an area of 453.71.5 hectares. The sanctuary is surrounded by Kila Kavattankuruchi, Karaivetti, Kovilessanai east, Suthamalli, Sathamangalam, Venganur and Vettiyur Revenue villages.

Biodiversity Inventory of Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary – Flora and Fauna:

As the sanctuary is basically an irrigation tank, there is no natural forest within the sanctuary. Acacia nilotica (Babul) plantations were raised by the Social Forestry Wing of the Forest Department from 1981 to 1988 on the western foreshores of the tank. The Acacia trees are being used for roosting and nesting by birds like Open bill stork, White Ibis, etc. There is no endangered flora within the sanctuary.

It is one of the largest bird sanctuaries in the State having a congregation of 203 species of birds including 82 water birds. Upto 45 bird species have been spotted at a given instance in this sanctuary. From September to February, this sanctuary attracts more than 80 species of water birds. The migratory birds from South India visit this sanctuary as it offers an excellent fresh water feeding ground before heading north for breeding. About 50,000 to 60,000 birds are visiting this sanctuary annually. The bird species viz., Open billed stork, White Ibis, Black Ibis, Darter, Spot billed pelican, Cormorant and many other species are breeding in this sanctuary.

Bar headed goose an endangered species, the highest-flying bird in the world, is the flagship species of this Sanctuary. It is reported to be flying over the Mount Everest from its breeding ground in Ladakh and Tibet. This species (also known for carrying H1N1 bird flu virus) arrive during the end of January and remain until the month of May before flying back to its native land.

Tourism Development Work:

One Interpretation Centre is constructed in Karaivetti Birds Sanctuary funded by Tourism Department at a cost of Rs. 30.00 Lakhs ,during 2014-15.

Announcement made by the Hon’ble Chief Minister :

During the District Collectors and Police Officers Conference held from 11.12.2013 to 13.12.2013, the then Hon’ble Tamil Nadu Chief Minister announced an amount of Rs.1 Crore for providing facilities and Improvement of the Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary. But an amount of Rs.20.00 lakhs was released and spent during 2015-16.

Also the present Hon’ble Tamil Nadu Chief Minister reiterated that requisite amount for the improvement of Karaivetti Birds Sanctuary will be allotted, on the occasion of Centenary year celebration of the former Chief Minister Late M.G.Ramachandran, in Ariyalur on 04.08.2017