Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection


The goal of the Public Distribution System in Ariyalur District  is to ensure food security to all citizens, particularly poor people, by making available essential commodities of good quality at affordable prices every month, through fair price shops which are accessible.

  1. Objectives of the Public Distribution System:

    • Elimination of chronic hunger and starvation in Ariyalur District.
    • Protect citizens from ill effects of rise in price of essential commodities.
    • Reduction of micro nutrient deficiency through fortification of essential commodities supplied through PDS.
    • Make available affordable domestic fuels like kerosene and LPG.
    • Ensure easy accessibility of Fair Price Shops by cardholders.
    • Ensure affordable prices of essential commodities, especially for the poorest.
    • Ensure availability of essential commodities at the right time every month.
  2. Key strategies for effective implementation of Public Distribution System

    • Effective handling of complaints given by cardholders.
    • Open Part-time shops scheme for villages having difficulty in access to existing Fair Price Shops.
    • Timely and controlled movement of essential commodities though route charts and momentary.
    • Reduction of leakages through system improvements, tightened enforcement and deterrent criminal action.
    • Error free and correct allotment and movement of essential commodities to fair price shops through E-Governance.
  3. Agencies involved in PDS

    1. Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department : is headed by a District Supply and Consumer Protection Officer with 4 taluk offices.
    2. Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation : is responsible for procurement, movement and supply of essential commodities under PDS and is headed by a Regional Manager
    3. Cooperative Societies  Department : is responsible for running FPS through its cooperative societies headed by Joint Registrars .
  4. Organisation Chart of CS&CP department

    Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection department has the following organisation structure at the  District  level. The District  office is at District Collectorate,  in Ariyalur . There are 4  Taluk offices, are headed by Taluk Supply Officer, reporting to Collectors concerned. District level organisation chart is also given below:



  5. Functions of CS&CP department

    The PDS wing handles the following functions

    1. Issue and management of ration cards
    2. Opening and bifurcation of Fair Price Shops (FPS)
    3. Allotment of Essential Commodities to FPS
    4. Implementation of special schemes like Free LPG scheme
    5. Monitoring and Supervision of FPS
    6. Monitoring and Licensing of Kerosene Wholesale dealers
    7. Enforcement against smuggling of PDS commodities
    8. E-Governance in PDS
    9. Implementation of various control orders under the Essential Commodities Act 1955
    10. Implementation of Consumer Protection Act-2019.

    • Polite and courteously handle applicants and cardholders and provide all necessary information on public distribution system sought by them either in person on over telephone/e-mail.
    • Timely disposal of applications of various services mentioned below as per this Charter
    • Issue of allotment orders for commodities to all fair price shops in that taluk every month in online.
    • Selection of eligible beneficiaries for AAY as per norms laid down by Govt.
    • Monitoring effective movement of commodities and ensuring sufficient stocks in fair price shops to meet entitlement.
    • Issue of new Smart family cards.:
  7. Apply for new Smart card.

    Smart family Card can apply in all Arasu e-Sevai Centres and public portal

    Document Necessary for New Smart Card Application

    Aadhaar card of all members in the family above 5 Years .Below 5 years needed birth certificate.

    Address proof of any one of below mentioned
    Electricity Bill, Front page of Pass book, Gas Consumer Card, Passport, Property tax in case of Own House, Rent Agreement, Telephone bill, Voter identity Card and Slum Clearance board Allotment Order

  8. Changes to existing family cards:

    Smart card related services done through Arasu e-Sevai Centres and public portal .
    Change of Address ,  Add Member ,Family Head Member Change, and Remove Family Member  Card Related Service Request Status.

  9. Redressal of Public Grievances relating to public distribution system and fair price shops.

    Tamil Nadu Government attaches utmost importance to the redressal of the grievances of consumers. Residents can make a call, register through web or send email seeking redressal of grievances. Line : A State Level Tollfree PDS Helpline is functional under short code 1967 and 1800-425-5901. Residents of Tamil Nadu can contact the said numbers for any queries / complaints / suggestions. Besides this public portal has  provisions for registering complaints on line. This has enabled to synchronize the complaint redressal mechanism as a single window system in this State and the consumers and cardholders now find it easy to register their complaints / grievances.


    SMS the following code to 9773904050 from any Registered  Mobile Number

    • To know FPS stock balance, send PDS <SPACE>101 to 9773904050 from the mobile number registered with the family card.
    • To know whether FPS is open, send PDS <SPACE>102  to 9773904050  from the mobile number registered with the family card.
    • If Sales bill SMS is received for your family card without buying commodities, send PDS <SPACE>107  to 9773904050
  11. Time Limit for Disposal of applications:

    Request on the subject of application

    Time Limit

     Application to be submitted at .

    Issue of new cards 15 Days E-sevai centers and Public Portal
    Inclusion/Deletion/Age correction of family members. Three Days E-sevai centers and Public Portal
    Change in address within the jurisdiction of the same fair price shop. Three days. E-sevai centers and Public Portal
    Change in both address and fair price shop. Three Days. E-sevai centers and Public Portal
    Transfer to other districts within the State or Taluk/Zonal address change. Three Days E-sevai centers and Public Portal
    Request for duplicate card. 15 Days E-sevai centers and Public Portal
    Complaints against Fair Price Shops. 24 X 7 District Collector,
    District Supply Officer,
    Taluk Supply Officer.
    To obtain information on public distribution system under Right to Information Act, 2005. Thirty Days. District Supply Officer
  12. Contact Information

    S.No Name of the Officer Office Address Contact Number
    1 District Supply and Consumer Protection Officer Room No.10,  Ground Floor
    Collectorate, Ariyalur
    Room No.21
    Collectorate, Ariyalur
    2 Taluk Supply Officer , Ariyalur Taluk Office, Ariyalur 9445000274
    3 Taluk Supply Officer , Udayarpalayam Taluk Office, Udayarpalayam 9445000275
    4 Taluk Supply Officer , Sendurai Taluk Office, Sendurai 9445000276
    5 Taluk Supply Officer , Andimadam Taluk Office, Andimadam 9499937027

    For more details, visitors may refer to the office website of civil supplies and consumer protection department at

  13. Type of cards

    In Tamil Nadu, families are given the option of choosing the type of family cards based on their requirements and preferences and there is no income based ration cards. The types of family cards and commodities entitled are tabulated as follows:



    NFSA Type


    1 (a).(Rice Option Cards)
    (b).(Including AAY Cards)
    All commodities
    2 Sugar Option Cards NPHH-S All Commodities except rice
    3 Police & Prison personnel Cards NPHH All Commodities
    4 Forest Officials cards NPHH All Commodities
    5 No commodity card NPHH-NC No Commodity
  14. Scale of supply of Essential Commodities and Issue Price





    1 Rice Free of cost from 01.06.2011 · For AAY beneficiaries 35 kg per month at free of cost.
    · 4 Kg. per adult and 2Kg per child (below 12 years ) subject to a minimum of 12 kgs and a maximum of 20 kg per family card.
    · Above 4 members cards, for the next every one member whether they are adult or child  5 Kgs rice in excess is being  supplied.
    2 Sugar · For AAY Cards, the price of Sugar will be Rs.13.50.
    · For all other type of Cards it will be Rs.25.00.
    0.500 gms per head per month upto 4 members.

    For Sugar option family cards an additional quantity of 3 kg of sugar in lieu of rice.

    3 Wheat Free of cost from Feb 2017 Wheat will be supplied, subject to availability of wheat as per the following norms.

    To get wheat in lieu of rice,10 Kgs per card per month in Chennai City and District Head Quarters and 5 Kg per card per month in other areas.

    4 Kerosene Rs.13.60 to 14.20 per Liter Ranges from 3-15 liters per card depending on the location and possession of LPG Cylinders.

    Head Quarters      –   10 liters for no LPG

    Municipality         –    6  liters for no LPG

    Town panchayat   –    5  liters for no LPG

    Village panchayat  –   3  liters for no LPG

    Any Location         – 3  liters for one LPG

    5 Toor dhall Rs.30 per kg 1 kg per card/per month
    6 Palmolein Oil Rs.25 per kg 1 liter per card/per month