Animal Husbandry


  • Augmenting the production potentialities of livestock and poultry in terms of milk, meat and egg.
  • Milk production improvement has been achieved by implementation of the breeding technique of artificial insemination using the frozen semen collected from the bull of high yielding exotic, crossbred, indigenous white cattle and black cattle.
  • Frozen semen straws are being supplied at an economical price of Rs.10 to the livestock farmers for the production of good high yielding heifer calves, thus improving the economic status and livelihood of farmers/Livestock holders.
  • Steps are being taken for conservation and preservation of indigenous breeds of livestock in their native tracts.
  • High yielding grass variety and fodder seeds are supplied to enhance green fodder production. Chaff cutters and grass cutters are given to the farmers at subsidized rate to increase the milk production.
  • Minerals play a vital role in the maintenance of animal health and breeding performance. Hence periodical supply of mineral mixture to the livestock farmers.
  • Providing necessary and timely modern veterinary assistance and health cover to the livestock and poultry.
  • Ensuring livestock health by preventing major livestock diseases through periodical vaccination.
  • Implementing various Central and State Government schemes for the upliftment of economic status of rural poor.
  • Protecting human health by detection and control of major zoonotic diseases of animals.
  • Creating awareness and Imparting training to farmers on basic and latest animal husbandry practices.


1 Regional Joint Director ,
Animal Husbandry Department Ariyalur
Dr.M.Hameed Ali., M.V.Sc 04329 299118 rjd.ari11[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Deputy Director  (I/C)
Cattle Breeding and Fodder Development, Ariyalur.
Dr.Ramesh., M.V.Sc ddcbfdariyalur[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Assistant Director ,
Animal Disease Intelligence Unit, Ariyalur.
Dr.P.Chokkalingam.,B.V.Sc adiuariyalur[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Assistant Director (I/C) ,
Animal Husbandry Department, Ariyalur.
Dr.P.Chokkalingam.,B.V.Sc adahariyalur[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Assistant Director ,
Animal Husbandry Department, Udayarpalayam.
Dr.Ramesh., M.V.Sc animaludpm[at]gmail[dot]com
6 Veterinary Surgeon –
Veterinary Hospital – Ariyalur
Dr.Richardraj.,B.V.Sc vhariyalur[at]gmail[dot]com
7 Veterinary Surgeon (I/C) – Veterinary Hospital – Periyavalayam Dr.Richardraj.,B.V.Sc vhperiyavalayam[at]gmail[dot]com
S No Name of the scheme Responsible officer
1 State Fodder Development Scheme (SFDS) Deputy Director,
Cattle Breeding and Fodder Development, Ariyalur
2 NADP (Poultry Scheme) Assistant Directors , Animal Husbandry Deparment, Ariyalur & Udayarpalayam
3 Foot & Mouth Control Programme (FMD-CP) Assistant Directors, Animal Husbandry Department , Ariyalur & Udayarpalayam
4 Livestock Insurance Scheme (LIS) Assistant Directors, Animal Husbandry Department Ariyalur & Udayarpalayam
5 Kaalnadai Paathukappu Thittam (KPT) Assistant Directors, Animal Husbandry Department, Ariyalur & Udayarpalayam
6 Animal mobile medical ambulance Regional Joint Director, Animal Husbandry Department , Ariyalur


S No Name of the scheme Description of scheme Eligibility criteria
1 State fodder Development Scheme(SFDS) When milch animals are being raised, green fodder will be a liability. To fortify the production fodder slips, leguminous and fodder seeds are supplied to be sown as rainfed crops.
Sprinklers at 75% subsidized rate also provided to farmers.
Chaff cutters are also provided which warrants the effective utilization of green fodder resulting in reduced wastage and available to the farmers with 75% subsidy.
Supplying green fodder throughout the year is a Herculean task. But production of azolla in their backyard is possible the best alternative of green fodder and also is fortified with essential nutrients
Urbanization had left little land for agriculture. But hydroponics provides greens to the farmers where no land is required to raise fodder. Farmers are trained and supplied with azola & hydroponics components at subsidized rate.
Farmers / cattle owners who owned irrigated land and interested to cultivate high yielding fodder crops.


Maintaining 5 or more animals.


2 NADP Poultry Scheme For poultry development / National Agriculture Development Programme – project proposal “Entrepreneurship development through Native chicken rearing” scheme implemented for the year 2020-21 Farmers who have experience  or interest in poultry rearing and have a shed capacity to rear a 1000 birds.
Beneficiary should be a permanent resident of that village.
Beneficiary should ensure to sustain the farm for not less than 3 years.
3 Foot and Mouth Disease Control Programme (FMDCP) To protect the livestock against FMD, 1.62 lakh livestock are being vaccinated against FMD at the farmer’s doorsteps at every 6 months. Livestock farmers
4 Livestock Insurance Scheme The unprecedented death of animals is a economical loss to the farmer. To overcome such losses, all livestock are insured by this department wherein only 25% of the premium is paid by the beneficiary whereas 75% paid by government. Farmers can insure who have owned cattle under the age  2 1/2 years to 8 years.
For sheep and goat under the age 1 to 3 years
A beneficiary  have eligible to insure 5 animals.
5 Kalnadai Padhukappu Thittam(KPT) In this scheme, far off villages that don’t have easy access to veterinary institutions have been selected. Camps will be conducted in these villages. Routines of the activities performed in the veterinary institutions are performed in this village.
In total, 120 specialized veterinary health and awareness camp conducted in all 6 blocks . Deworming, treatment of repeat breeders, insemination, treatment of sick animals and minor surgeries are being performed.
Livestock farmers
6 Animal Mobile Medical Ambulance To provide emergency veterinary services at the farmer’s door step, 1 Animal Mobile Medical Ambulance vehicle is functioning in the district with Jayankondam as head quarters. To avail the above services a toll free no.”1962” is under use In emergency situation call 1962 for veterinary health assistance

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Public Information Officer / Regional Joint Director
Animal Husbandry Department,
Room No :- 212 , Collectorate campus,
Ariyalur – 621 704