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Disaster Management - 2016

North East Monsoon Preparedness Activities
Nodal Officers [English](32 KB)
Zonal Teams [English](29 KB)
Early Warning Committee [English](176 KB)
Search and Rescue Committee [English](46 KB)
Evacuation Committee [English](45 KB)
Relief shelter / Shelter Management Committee [English](17 KB)
List of First Responders [English](229 KB)
List of Snake Catchers [English](37 KB)
List of JCB owners [English](75 KB)
Deployment Plan [English](85 KB)
Vulnerable Locations [English](44 KB)
Vulnerable Area Map [English](1427 KB)
List of swimmers and climbers [English](204 KB)
List of safe shelters [English](44 KB)
Alternative roads for vulnerable locations [English](8 KB)
List of inventories  and Equipments [English](57 KB)
List of NGO’s [English](17 KB)
Mobile Medical Teams [English](32 KB)
List of Private Hospitals [English](43 KB)

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